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God's Blue Books

There are a number of books of messages purportedly spoken by Jesus to an American housewife, Rita Ring, entitled God's Blue Book, Volumes 1 to 7. Whatever you are inclined to believe about the veracity of such purported messages generally, and about the credibility of Rita Ring specifically, if you read even one of these books you will find the content persuasive and credible. You will become conscious of yourself having a better and more personable feeling about God's Relationship with you after reading even just one of them.
I would Strongly Recommend Volume 1.

"You have the seeds. I provide water and sunlight."

"Your heart is My instrument to reach your brothers."

The books are available for downloading free on the Internet on the website of "The Shepherds of Christ Ministeries" - www.sofc.org. In addition to the books mentioned here, that website also makes available lots of other very edifying reading material.

( Books can also be purchased from them on-line at reasonable cost ).

The following are links to their Website
  where you will find God's Blue Books -
Kindle Users Click Here.
God's Blue Book - Volume 1 God's Blue Book - Volume 2 God's Blue Book - Volume 3
God's Blue Book - Volume 4 God's Blue Book - Volume 5 God's Blue Book - Volume 6B

Better still, it is much quicker to download the first three books (together with associated image files) from this website as Microsoft Word files contained in the following WinZip file -

Right Click Here(GBB_1_3.zip), then select "Save Target As..."
and save to a suitably named Directory.

To visit the main Shepherds of Christ Website Click Here

Kindle Version of God's Blue Book - Volume 1

To download a ".pdf" file which has been sized for Kindle,
Right Click Here, then select "Save Target As..."
and save to a suitably named Directory.

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