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Garabandal Apparitions - 1961 to 1965

There are three downloadable items on this website about the Garabandal Apparitions of 1961 to 1965.  There is a book and two short documents as follows :-

  • There is the well known authoritative book -
    The Apparitions of Our Lady at San Sebastian de Garabandal 1961 to 1965
    by F. Sanchez-Ventura Y Pascual.
    If you have a serious interest in the apparitions that occurred at San Sebastian de Garabandal then you have to have read this particular book.  It is the pre-eminent work on the subject.
  • There is also a Document in which I give my estimation of when the predicted Great Miracle might occur (11th April 2019).  There has been much speculation about what that date might be; many of those predicted dates have passed and nothing occurred.  I am hopeful that the date on which I think the Great Miracle could occur is the correct date and I am also hopeful that many people will see that my arguments for it are reasonable and connected to reality. These include a "minor vision" that I was shown on 4th April 2015 that "points to" the date on which I expect the Great Miracle to be announced by Conchita Gonzalez.
  • There is a second, very important, Document in which I describe a mathematically verifiable fact that within the timing of the 1876 apparitions to Estelle Faguette at Pellevoisin in France there are two Identical Precise Timing Relationships which accurately "point to" the dates on which the Garabandal visionaries were “first told about” each of two main Messages given at Garabandal. These two identical calculations tend to prove the validity of the Two Main Messages given at Garabandal. By extension, they also tend to prove at least these aspects of the Garabandal story.

There are links to the webpages dealing with these three items near the end of this page.

I would like to briefly refer to speculation that the Garabandal Apparitions have been shown to be untrue because a number of things that were to have been associated with the Great Miracle cannot now happen, namely -

  • It is widely reported that in or about the mid-1970s Conchita said, on a number of occasions, that the Great Miracle would occur "soon".  But it still has not happened.  During a live broadcast from America of RTE's Late Late Show, hosted by Gay Byrne, and which I watched, Conchita was asked when it would occur.  She replied "soon".  This was about 1978.  (The program that I am referring to is NOT the widely available one during which Gay Byrne conducts a one-to-one interview with Conchita).
  • The Great Miracle was to have been seen by Padre Pio.  But he is long dead.
  • Joey Lomangino was to have been cured at the time of the Great Miracle.  But he too is dead.

So, what are we to conclude from these things?  It appears to me that the date could have been postponed, perhaps even a number of times.  There may be specific reasons for such a delay or delays.  Such delays, if they have happened, could be outside of the control of the visionaries.  But the visionary Conchita Gonzales would have to have been informed of such a postponement, even if not the reason for it.  There would not seem to me to be any reason whatsoever why she should announce such a postponement.

The only person who can say if this is so is Conchita Gonzales Sheena.  The rest of us will have to continue waiting.

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