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Garabandal - Pellevoisin

Highly Significant Timing Relationship

Please Do Not Bypass This One

Two important dates associated with the two main messages that were given during the 1961-1965 apparitions that occurred at San Sebastian de Garabandal in Spain can be calculated from two logically and graphically similar periods of days that occurred during the earlier 1876 apparitions to Estelle Faguette at Pellevoisin in France. The two dates are the dates on which the Garabandal visionaries were “first told about” each message. Not (a) the dates on which they were “given” the messages and not  (b) the dates on which they were publically “announced”.

I am not going to explain, on this webpage, the details of this very important "time" association between the apparitions at Garabandal (1961-1965) and those which occurred in Pellevosin (1876).  Instead, I am strongly urging you to download the document that I have written about it (see link below) and to apply great concentration when reading it.  Scribble in the margins as you read it.  Other such timing relationships exist.  They appear to me to have been planned by God with some good purpose in mind.

I am also asking you to draw this document to the attention of as many people as you can, particularly those who have an interest in the Garabandal apparitions.  To my mind, this precise timing relationship tends to prove that the Garabandal apparitions are true and that they are very important to God and Our Lady.

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