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Garabandal - Great Miracle

Possibly 11th April 2019

The document that you can download here does not deal with an "accomplished" precise timing relationship.  The predicted "Great Miracle" has not yet happened.  However, if there is any validity in any of these timing relationships then I feel sure that there will, eventually, be some precise timing relationship or relationships between the date of the Great Miracle and some other event or events (possibly a Church Event).

It is probably not fully reasonable to be trying to find some such relationship at this point in time (early 2019).  It would be like trying to predict the date of some other event that you know nothing about.  However, I think that you will still find the content of the document quite interesting in its own right.

In the document that you can download here you will find the following -

  • A list of the criteria that we know about the date of the predicted Great Miracle.
  • A strong case for the date of the Great Miracle being 11th April in some year.
  • A reasonable case for the date to be 11th April 2019 based on a prime number.
  • That I have been shown a minor vision that "points to" 4th April 2019 as the date on which the Great Miracle could be announced. NEW
      For details about this minor vision see Three “Minor/Simple Visions”.

You should find the content of the document very interesting.
It includes material that you will not find anywhere else.

Download Link -

Additional Note added 11th Feb.2019 (Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes)

It is predicted that, at the time of the Great Miracle, a Permanent Sign will be left in Garabandal. A Permanent Sign is also predicted to be left in Medjugorje. It would be interesting if both occurred on the same day.